Premium Steelhead Float Fishing Gear


The Ultimate Float Fishing Collection

The Most Comprehensive Collection of Premium Steelhead Float Fishing Gear

Float Rods

Float fishing is what we do. It is all that we do. We are proud to have built the widest range of float rods available. RAVEN® leads the industry in design, quality and service.

Float Reels

Since our first reel design, RAVEN® float reels have been continuously upgraded and refined. Brilliant design and ergonomic engineering make our reels gorgeous steelheading weapons.


Having the right hook on hand can make the difference between hitting your limit or going home skunked. RAVEN® offers a complete selection of steelheading hooks for every situation.


The RAVEN® float fishing system has the perfect float for every situation. From shallow streams to raging rivers.


RAVEN® offers a fully integrated selection of components to complete the perfect float fishing setup. Swivels, tubing, shot and more...

Line and Leader

Premium quality line is essential to deal with explosive steelhead action. RAVEN® lines and leaders and designed to work together for maximum performance.

Buy it,Use it, Fix it


You can find RAVEN® products at fine fishing shops across North America. Your local dealer can provide steelheading tips and advice on which RAVEN® products are ideal for your rivers.

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New to float fishing? We can help. Check out our resources section for how-to tips and advice like shotting patterns, choosing the right gear and casting instructions.

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Oops! Something broke? Don't worry, we have you covered. RAVEN® rods feature an unconditional Lifetime Extended Coverage.

Returning a rod?

Have an issue with another product? We'd be happy to help. Just visit the Contact Us section and send us an e-mail.