RAVEN® Float Fishing Accessories


RAVEN® Steelhead Worms

Designed to provide a realistic profile and enticing action, RAVEN® Steelhead Worms simply drive steelhead crazy. Available in the top fish catching colours and in two sizes, the 2 1/4" for smaller streams and the 3 1/2" for larger rivers. Packaged in handy 20-packs to ensure you don't run out on the river.

  • Available in 2 1/4" and 3 1/2".

RAVEN® Tip Top Silicone Tubing

Hi-Visibility Fluorescent Orange Silicone Tubing designed to perfectly match all RAVEN® fixed stem float tip tops.

RAVEN® Super Soft Shot

Forged from a super soft lead alloy to ensure a solid hold on
the line yet prevent any line damage. Raven Super Soft Shot
is the ideal choice for even the most discriminating steelheader. Available in extra low visibility Camo Brown or standard Raw Gray.

Available in 50g packages or a 6-Part dispenser.


RAVEN®Bait Thread

High quality elasticated bait thread for tying roe bags in a jiffy. Comes with a fantastic dispenser that feeds the thread out the center and features a clip to hold onto the end of the thread once you’re done. Jumbo 325 foot roll.

RAVEN® Silicone Tubing

Our float cap tubing can be cut to the required length and attached to the top and the bottom of virtually any float. Use 3/32" tubing on the tip top and 1/16" on the stem of RAVEN® balsa fixed stem floats. Every RAVEN® fixed stem float is designed to allow anglers to change float size or model quickly as water conditions vary, without having to cut and re-tie.

  • Available in 1/16" and 3/32".
Raven Ultra Micro Swivel

RAVEN® Ultra Micro Swivels

These low-visibility swivels are extremely small and strong, allowing for an ultra subtle presentation.

Use a micro swivel to connect the RAVEN® Invisible fluorocarbon leader line to the RAVEN® main line. This creates a stronger connection than tying a line-to-line knot. The low friction barrel swivel helps reduce line twist.

  • Available in XS, XXS, XXXS and 4XS.

RAVEN® 3-Way Snap Swivel

The RAVEN® 3-way slinky rig snap swivels allow a quick change of your slinky or pencil lead when bottom-bouncing.

RAVEN®Split Shot Dispensers

These convenient refillable dispensers are made of durable plastic and include a selection of the most popular sizes of split shot.

  • Available in 5-part and 7-part.

RAVEN® Neoprene Reel Cases

Our custom designed neoprene reel cases fit Raven centerpin reels, both on and off the rod. The new XL reel case is ideal for 5”+ centerpins.

RAVEN® Ball Caps and Toques

The exclusive Raven caps and toques feature a 3-D puff red embroidered RAVEN on the front and yellow RAVEN logo on the back.

Available in Black

RAVEN® Float Fishing Guide

The complete guide to float fishing rivers and streams. Features lots of step-by-step instructions and easy to follow diagrams.

Great for both beginners and experienced anglers alike!

  • 32 colour pages
  • Gear selection
  • Shotting patterns
  • Rigging
  • Casting instructions