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There's only one option when it comes to perfection: RAVEN®.

RAVEN® Centerpin Float Reels

Ergonomics, balance, finish, beauty, bearings, durability, maintenance. We take everything into account when designing and engineering the RAVEN® and MATRIX™ centerpin float reels.

Offering a wide range of sizes to handle everything from small streams to monster rivers like the Niagara. All our reels are designed to fit our rods perfectly.

RAVEN® Centerpin Float Reels

Model Diameter Weight Finish
RAVEN® T-5 4 3/4" 7.5 oz Dark Titanium Hard Anodized
RAVEN® T-4 4 3/4" 8.5 oz Jet Black Hard Anodized
MATRIX™ Fully Ported 4 3/4", 5 1/8" XL 7.9 oz, 8.1 oz Polished Titanium
MATRIX™ Special Edition 4 3/4", 5 1/8" XL 8.3 oz, 9.5 oz Polished Bronze
MATRIX™ 4 3/8" 8.2 oz Polished Titanium, Polished Bronze
MATRIX™ Fully Ported Limited Edition 4 3/4", 5 1/8" XL 7.9 oz, 8.1 oz Jet Black
HELIX 4 1/2" 8.11 oz Silver, Titanium, Gold, or Orange.