RAVEN® - Premium Float Fishing Gear

There's only one option when it comes to perfection: RAVEN®.

RAVEN® Float Rods

RAVEN® offers the widest selection of float rod to provide whatever length and action is needed. Shorter float rods (RAVEN® 11'6" Steelheader) are more versatile, and can be used for a variety of fishing techniques, like bottom-bouncing and casting spinners. Longer rods are designed for a specific purpose; to maximize the control of your float. Extra long float rods (RAVEN® 15' IM8) not only increase float control, but are the best option when drifting floats through deep pools or fishing at extreme range.

The action of the rod is determined from the blank design and taper, as well as the type of graphite used in its construction. RAVEN® rod blanks are built from premium quality graphite on special purpose mandrels to deliver the exact action required.

  • RPX: The most advanced float rod on the planet. Combining the most advanced NANO technology resins, REC Recoil™ and Titanium Frame SiC Guides to deliver the world's lightest, most responsive float rod ever.
  • RV9: Made from a blend of premium graphite, it unites the power of the IM9 and the lightness of the IM8 in an ultra slim blank. It has very crisp action and lots of power in the lower end. The RV9 is designed to handle the widest range of conditions.
  • IM8: This slightly stiffer and crisper action rod offers versatility in what and where you can fish. It remains soft enough to protect light lines, but powerful enough to handle large floats and fast water.
  • IM6: This traditional action is ideally suited for lighter setups. Its relatively soft, cushioning action protects small hooks from ripping out and light lines from breaking.
  • MATRIX™ MXG: Designed for easy handling and punchy action. These rods deliver good line control and plenty of power when needed.

RAVEN® float rods are available in two or three sections. With fewer sections to handle, traditional two-piece models are convenient to take apart and move around with when fully rigged. Three-piece models are easier to store, fit safely in your trunk and are ideal when traveling.

Short Float Rod (11'6"): Can effectively run shorter drifts and fish to a maximum depth of 8 to 10 feet. Light and easy to manipulate, making it perfect for use in small streams and in tight spots.
Medium Float Rod (12'6" to 14'): Good for a wide range of conditions, these rods provide excellent control over most drifts and can comfortably fish to a depth of about 12 feet. This is the standard length for float fishing.
Long Float Rod (15'): Allows longer drifts and can fish deeper water that is inaccessible with shorter rods. The additional length makes mending (flicking the line upstream to slow the float's progress) and checking the float effortless at almost any range.

RAVEN® float rods are tied with small, high-frame guides to keep the line away from the rod blank and allow the line to run smoothly and naturally. Our rods feature a custom designed high frame No.6 tip top guide that helps reduce ice-up in cold weather, but is still light enough to get the most action out of the blank. The RAVEN® RPX and 13'6" IM6 Winter Edition rods feature REC Recoil™ guides on the tip section to virtually eliminate ice-up issues.

No matter which RAVEN® rod you choose, they are all covered under the RAVEN® LIFETIME Extended Coverage and 1 Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defect. MATRIX™and HELIX™rods are covered by the MATRIX™and HELIX™ 2 Year Extended Coverage and 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect.

RAVEN® Float Rods

Series Power / Action Components Models
RPX Very Crisp/Responsive SiC, REC Recoil™ 15'; 3-pc, 13'6" 3-pc, 13'; 2-pc, 11'6" 2-pc
RV9 Crisp/Responsive SiC 13'6" 3-pc
IM8 Traditional/Crisp TiCH 15' 3-pc, 14' 3-pc, 13' 2-pc
IM6 Traditional/Soft TiCH 13'6" 3-pc, 12'6" 2-pc, 11'6" 2-pc
Matrix™ MXG Traditional/Soft Hialoy 12'9" 3-pc, 12'6" 2-pc
Helix™ Medium / Heavy Hialoy 9'6" 2-pc