RAVEN® ProStaff

The goal of our ProStaff program is one of mutual support, and the sharing of knowledge and techniques with other anglers. RAVEN® relies on pro staff expertise and feedback to develop the best float fishing gear possible. Our prostaff program is limited to professional photographers, published outdoor writers and those heading up seminars at shops and trade shows.

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Graham Bristow

Ontario - Graham is one of Ontario's top full time river guides and is the owner and head guide of A Perfect Drift Guide Company. Graham guides and teaches float fishing and fly fishing on many of Southern Ontario's best rivers. Graham has spent over 30 years fly fishing and over 25 years float fishing around the great lakes region and now spends over 220 days a year on the water. Graham has appeared on fishing TV shows, in books and in many magazines.


Jody Allison

Oregon - Jody has spent many years fishing the salmon and steelhead rich rivers of the Pacific Northwest and has spent the last thirteen years focusing on floatfishing. Jody is the owner of Anglers Advantage, specializing in West Coast steelhead and salmon jigs and is an associate instructor for Steelhead University.

Capt. Jonathan Kolehouse

Michigan - I have been guiding for steelhead since 1992 on West Michigan streams, I have fished steelhead in many of the Pennsylvania streams as well as New York. I began my steelheading career at the young age of 12, fishing with my father and other family members on west Michigan's trout and salmon streams. From the young age of 12 through my teens I just couldn't get enough time on the waters in pursuit of Great Lakes Steelhead. In the spring of 1992, I began my guiding career. Having spent thousands of hours on rivers chasing these great fish, utilizing many methods, there is nothing I enjoy more than watching a float drop and the water explode with another Steelhead. What do I do when I'm not fishing for steelhead.....well thats easy, I'm getting ready to fish for steelhead.


Daryl Minton

Michigan - I remember hooking into my first steelhead and the "rush" I had from fighting a fresh chrome fish. It was in that moment, when I saw the light. My obsession and passion for steelhead fishing was born. Living in West Michigan with a world class fishery, I take advantage of spending all my free time, on the rivers chasing chrome with my beautiful wife and family. When I'm not on the water, I share a passion with photography, videography, and making custom lures for my business Slay'n Steel Company. I enjoy helping and chatting with fellow anglers riverside, so don't be afraid to say Hi.



Dave Richmond

Ontario - I have been an active angler and outdoorsman my entire life. Growing up in a small town outside of Caledon, Ontario, I became custom to spending time outdoors and exploring river systems. As a youth I could be found targeting resident trout in local streams and largemouth bass in nearby ponds. Since then, as many growing anglers do, I continued to learn and target every species of fish offered in Ontario. Although I love fishing for all species ten years ago I was introduced to the Great Lakes Steelhead and the art of centerpin angling. Steelhead have become my passion whether it is out on the water fishing, improving habitat or helping our next generation anglers, if there are steelhead involved I am there. I truly enjoy all aspects of this resource. During the summer months when the steelhead are out of the river system and in the cooler waters of Lake Ontario I can be located in small streams targeting resident trout or out on a lake targeting bass, musky, pike, carp and walleye. During the winter months when the rivers are frozen over I enjoy hard water fishing for trophies.

Greg Knapp

Michigan - As owner and guide of Getting Bit Guide Service I am a Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout fishing fanatic. I have had a passion for these migratory fish since a very young age. West Michigan is my home and some of the rivers that I frequent are the Grand River, Muskegon River, Pere Marquette River, and the Big Manistee. When I get the chance I love to check out new water, I have chased these fish from the small tributaries of the north shore of Lake Superior to the beautiful rain forest rivers of Washington state. My current bucket list of Steelhead rivers is about a mile long.



Samantha Boyce

Ontario - I am 24 years old and was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I fell in love with fishing at a young age and never grew out of it. The older I got the more I wanted to go. I eventually started going on my own and acquiring a greater love and knowledge for it. I fish for almost everything, but my true love is wading on local north shore rivers waiting for that steelhead float to go down. I can be found there all spring!

Jim Cyr

Ontario - For me the fishing addiction started when I was 3 years old, fishing at our cottage in northern Ontario. The obsession began to grow over the years. It was not long before I discovered the Steelhead,Browns, Lakers and Salmon. The ones that ran up the lower Niagara River,only minutes from my home. At 14 years of age I was riding my bike, taking cabs or harassing my parents to drop me off at the river. By the age of 18 I was dialed in,and started to float fish on the pin. It only took that first fish on the pin,to completely covert me from spin and bait casting gear. I turned into a complete maniac.I was on the river 5 days a week on average for my first 5 or 6 seasons. Now at 33 years young my passion is as strong as ever,fishing addict for ever!

Kyle Buck

Having been raised fishing the lakes and rivers of Western Michigan, Kyle Buck turned his passion into a full fledged career in 2001 when he launched Great Lakes Guide Service based in his home town of Muskegon, MI. Great Lakes Guide Service is a full time, year round guide service offering fishing charters on Lake Michigan, inland lake charters, as well as guided river and ice fishing. Today, a US Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain, Kyle runs well over 250 trips a year primarily chasing Steelhead and Salmon. When not on the water Kyle spends time writing outdoor related articles and conducting seminars at speaking engagements across the Mid West.


Garret Svir

Minnesota - Garett Svir is the owner of Slab Seeker Guide Service specializing in center pinning Wisconsin's Bois Brule River. Garett has been a great ambassador for the sport by regularly writing and giving seminars on precision float fishing. He has been featured in publications like Lake Superior Angler, Hooked Magazine, Outdoors Weekly and Midwest Outdoors. When off the river Garett co-authors the Raven Tackle Facebook Page. Garett's passion in life is helping anglers hook their first wild Lake Superior Steelhead and it shows. His favorite weapon to fight steel is a jet black Raven T-4 fished on his 11'6 Raven Matrix with rosewood reel seat.


Tyler Dunn

Ontario - Tyler Dunn is a northern Ontario guide who operates a guide service on the north shores of Lake Superior and the rapids of St. Mary's River. Tyler can be found during spring and fall in the rapids pursuing big, bulky steelhead that migrate from Lake Huron or north along the clear, cold waters of Superior tributaries chasing wild strains of chrome. Along with his guiding business, Tyler is an accomplished freelance outdoor writer. His work has been featured in various print and internet publications. Tyler's passion for steelhead continues to grow as he learns more about the amazing Great Lakes steelhead fisheries we all enjoy.





Scott Miller

Michigan - I currently live in Rockford Michigan with my wife and 2 daughters. I have been float fishing close to a decade now and my favorite set up is the Raven Matrix XL with my Raven 13'6" rod. I pin for steelhead, trout, cohos, and even smallmouth. I have to say my favorite fish to target is the steelhead. My favorite seasons are fall,winter, spring and summer. I chase steel 10 months out of the year. My favorite presentation is drifting specific flies, beads,and jigs under a Raven float. I am always willing to teach a novice "pinner" the basics to get them started to the addiction of centerpin fishing. If you see me on a West Michigan river, let's fish and put a hurtin on em!

Mike McCowan

Roger Hinchcliff

Roger grew up fishing the banks of the Huron River in Southeast Michigan and has been doing so for over 36 years. He loves to chase steelhead all around the Great Lakes Region and has caught them in Michigan, Ohio, PA, NY and Ontario. Roger averages 1,000 hours per year in waders. He is an active member of MetroWest Steelheaders and serves on the board of directors. In addition he is a member of Trout Unlimited, Michigan Fly Fishing Club, Traverse City Steelheaders, Huron River Fishing Association and the Steelhead Society of British Columbia. He likes to give back to the sport by being a Michigan Salmon ambassador and by volunteering on various river clean up and conservation projects. Roger won Metro West's River Angler of the year in 2013.
In addition to being on many prostaffs, and being a great educator. He is also a outdoor writer, blogger and has a popular fishing page called Steelhead Manifesto.


Manny Medeiros

New York - You can find me on the water more than not. In my down time you can find me tying marabou jigs in preparation to the season. Floating jigs is one of my favorite ways to target steelhead and browns. God has blessed us with a great fishery here on the great lakes, and I think it's very important we keep our water clean. Whenever a river clean up comes about, or someone has questions or needs help with any kind of fishing, you will see me there. I enjoy targeting trout and salmon with all different techniques including, baitcasting, casting, swinging spoons and spinners, swinging flies with a fly rod, bottom bouncing, and my favorite, floating with my Raven centerpin rod and reel.


Christina Clark

New York - Christina's passion for fishing started at a young age on Lake Erie. She spends her time fishing for bass, steelhead, salmon, and brown trout in Western New York and Canada. Christina enjoys sharing her knowledge of angling on and off the water.


Paul Cesario

Ontario - I'm a multi species angler that practices and promotes catch and release fishing. I am the owner of the website Run & Gun Fishing (www.runngunfishing.com). I contribute my time participating in various conservation projects with different groups in the province of Ontario, I feel it is important to help conserve and protect our natural resources so they can be enjoyed and cherished for years down the road by future generations.


Dustin McGrath

New York - I'm a big, bearded, fun loving fisherman that prefers steel on the line to warm summers. My passion for fishing was not developed. I was born with it. My skills and tactics however have changed with age, from the days where my grandmother would give me safety pins to trout fish with to centerpinning for steel. It's all about the drive to become better and never ceasing to learn. I fly, pin, and spin. There's a time and place for everything. However, my true love is standing on the riverbank pinning for steelhead and browns. As I've matured as an angler I've surrounded myself with a core group of anglers that push each other to the limits and have become brothers and sisters to me on the water. That's what is all about, nature, friendship, and screaming lines.

Pro Staff Tim Hyvonen

Tim Hyvonen

Wisconsin- Tim has been running Wifinlander Guide Service since 2010 after serving in the United States Coast Guard. Tim has been fishing the rivers of Southeastern Wisconsin including the Root River and Milwaukee River for over 20 years and specializes in float and fly fishing for spring steelhead. When he is not in the rivers chasing steelhead, you can find Tim competing in salmon tournaments on Lake Michigan during the summer and ice fishing circuits in the winter.





Jarett Carlson

Illinois - I have always been an outdoors person thanks to my father. He would take me fishing for all types of species, but my favorite is steelhead by far! I maximize my time on the water by using almost every day off work trying to catch these magnificent fish. It is an extreme addiction and passion that I would not trade for anything! I am from Illinois but with limited opportunities for steelhead fishing, I am constantly traveling to the surrounding states. I consider Indiana my home turf, yet you can find me chasing chrome in Wisconsin and Michigan as well.

Pro Staff Tim Hyvonen

Ryan Harris

Michigan- Centerpin fishing for steelhead, salmon, and trout has become so much more than a hobby or sport. It's a passion and lifestyle like no other that I can describe. I started steelheading at the age of 10, and now at the age of 34 my strive for steelheading and float fishing is stronger than ever. You can catch me streamside all seasons of the year float fishing the Grand, Muskegon, Big Manistee and Bestie just to name a few of our great rivers. Whether its chasing fresh chrome in the fall, winter or spring, fishing 80 degree sunny summer days chasing skams, or pinning fresh gut below a float for fresh kings in the fall the anticipation for that next float to drop never leaves. When I'm not streamside chasing chrome you can catch me at my house tying custom jigs, flies and beads for my company "Harry Jigs and Beads"




Austin Gates

Wisconsin - I am 22 years old born and raised in northeast Wisconsin. Fishing has been a part of my life since I was little. It's grown from a hobby to a passion that I can't get enough of. I love to fish for many different species of fish that swim in Wisconsin but steelhead are extra special to me. There is nothing quite like the rush of watching a float shoot down. I spend every chance I get during the colder months on the tributaries and harbours along the western shoreline of Lake Michigan. The challenge and intellect required to consistently have success in the sport of steelheading is what drives my addiction to these fish.

Mike McCowan

Mike McCowan

Ontario - From the first time I fished on the Severn River, I knew fishing was in my blood. Growing up in Mississauga, ON I was always close to many fishing areas. I lived within walking distance of the Credit River where I could often be found fishing for salmon and rainbows. I love to travel and discover trout and salmon spots that only the locals knew about. I spend a lot of my spare time on the Nottawasaga, Beaver and Big-Head rivers chasing steel with my float gear. I also spend time at the Saugeen. I am a member of the Ontario Steelheaders and hope to get involved in the stocking and river management initiatives they are spearheading. Over the years, I have expanded my knowledge of all fishing species and love to find new locations/ways to enjoy the sport. I recently started working Cabelas store in Barrie as a professional outfitter sharing my years of fishing experience with customers and co-workers at the store.

Glen Goss

Steelheading and centerpining has been in my family for decades (20 + years). From the days of " hey nice mooching reel " to the " thats a weird fly reel (which still happens) " my family has put in alot of time on rivers all over southern ontario aswell as western NY. Growing up in a small town in the headwaters of the credit ive been familiar with the rivers around southern ontario and how much they change from year to year or even day to day since I was young. I started my float fishing for steelhead with a spinning rod about 15 years ago (2000). After a few years of very limited success while watching my uncle and father hook and land many on the pin I needed to learn it. 2004 I decided it was time. It took me a few months to get the rod bent and it lasted all of 3 seconds. Float sinks, I set the hook a nice chrome gbay steelhead jumps and spits the hook. I was hooked, never looking back. I put more and more time on the water honing in my skills with what my father and uncle had told me and really started to get confident as I started hooking up and landing more and more fish. I will never forget the time 10 years ago (2004) when my father and I were in pulaski NY on the salmon river when I hooked and landed my first on the pin (one of many that day). Centerpining wasnt huge there yet and we had people at the local tackle shops asking us to help them get setup for centerpining after seeing us on the river. We would walk into the shops and people would be like " oh theres the canadian pinners ask them ". We would have people watch us on the river ( for hours sometimes ) to try to see how we cast. It happened almost every time we went down for the next few years. It has really taking off on the salmon river NY nowadays. I will always lend a hand when I see somebody new to the sport as I know I couldnt have been where I am today without the help of the very accomplished anglers that are in my family. You can find me all over southern ontarios fine tributaries from georgian bay,lake huron, lake erie to lake ontario ill be where the fish are with one of my Raven combos. I think its one of the best feelings when you see somebody lock horns in battle with their first chrome, truly a rush in its own right. Steelheading is in my blood its who I am, give it a try sometime you wont regret it. Tightlines

Pro Staff Tim Hyvonen

James Swearingen

Pennsylvania- James is a Pennsylvania native, born and raised in Pittsburgh. He caught his first steelhead at the age of 13 and the addiction grew from there. It now has become a strong passion from that day forward. He has spent thousands of hours chasing steelhead and brown trout on the tributaries of Lake Erie. You can find him wading the streams of Pennsylvannia from September to May utilizing many methods of float fishing. James is also part of many pro staffs and runs the popular fishing page STEEL CITY ANGLERS.




Tristan Weaver

Indiana- I was introduced into steelhead fishing while in the 6th grade. Once I landed my first steelhead, I was hooked for life. On the water, I pursue many species including salmon but nothing compares to the battle with a fresh chrome steelhead. Living in Indiana offers few steelhead tributaries in the NW part of the state as well as the St. Joseph River. I travel all of Northern Indiana and throughout Michigan in search for steelhead. Steelhead fishing has truly become a passion of mine that will stick with me for the rest of my life. When I'm not fishing myself, I am guiding clients to their first steelhead for fun. Chrome Dream Guide Service was created to help introduce new anglers into the sport of steelhead fishin. Although guiding is not necessarily my full-time job, I still enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and help them obtain their chrome dream. Fishing is constantly on my mind and I try to hit the rivers as often as possible to feed my chrome addiction.

Pro Staff Tim Hyvonen

Coner Goodlet

My name is Coner Goodlet, I am 23 years old, born and raised in Washington State. Fishing has been a passion of mine since I reeled in my first trout at the age of four. My dad is the person I have to thank for my love of the outdoors. As I got older my enthusiasm for the sport continued to grow. Fishing has become a huge part of who I am. I can be found year round chasing steelhead, chinook, coho, and chum as the seasons allow. Centerpinning is not a popular method here in the Pacific Northwest, but I knew as soon as I picked up my first Raven float reel, I was hooked. I enjoy exploring all the beautiful steelhead and salmon rich rivers the Pacific Northwest has to offer. There is no greater sense of accomplishment than watching your float sink beneath the surface and feel the tug of chrome on the other end. I enjoy every aspect of pin fishing, and make it my goal to pass on my knowledge and experience to anglers young and old.




Austin Bourbonnie

Washington State - Bobber downs are what I live for. I grew up outdoors fishing from a young age. I fell in love with float fishing 4 years ago, fishing the great river systems of the Washington Coast. I can be found fishing year round for winter steel, summer steel, spring and fall chinook, coho, and chum. I am a proud centerpin angler from the great state of Washington.

Pro Staff Tim Hyvonen

Tristan Yip

British Columbia- I was introduced to fishing when I was little. My passion for the sport has grown every year. Being raised on Vancouver Island has provided me with plenty of fishing opportunities. I actively ocean fish for salmon, hike up lakes for trout, and river fish for both salmon and steelhead. Any type of fishing is awesome, but when it comes to catching wild winter run steelies, that's what spikes my true passion. I work in the fisheries industry, guiding during the summer in the Haida Gwaii as I continue down the path as a fisheries consultant. When not at work, I'm typically fishing or enjoying the great outdoors!